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Solana's Phantom Raises $109 Million in a Series B Fundraise Obtaining

Unicorn Status

On Monday, the team behind the Solana Web3 wallet platform Phantom announced it had raised $109 million in a Series B fundraise. The crypto company is now a Unicorn with a post valuation of $1.2 billion in value.Solana Web3 Wallet Phantom Raises $109 MillionThe Phantom wallet team has raised $109 million in a Series B financing round according to the firm’s recent blog post. Furthermore, Phantom also launched the Solana wallet’s iOS version for Apple smartphone users. According to the announcement, the $109 Series B was led by Paradigm. Additionally, Jump Capital, Solana Ventures, Variant, and Andreessen Horowitz (a16z) participated in Phantom’s latest fundraise.The funds will be dedicated to onboarding more users and developers on to Web3 and also “innovating on the multi-chain wallet user experience.” Moreover, the company said it plans to scale the

team and specifically hire specialists in community support and product development. The Series B fundraise follows the Series A the company announced in mid-July when the Phantom team raised $9 million and a16z led that particular round.Phantom noted during the announcement that in six months the wallet obtained over 2 million monthly active users. “Collectively, our users have staked over 112.4 million SOL ($10.4 billion), swapped $1.37 billion in tokens, and made 55.2M NFT, defi, and app transactions,” Phantom’s Series B blog post details.“Our first step toward this vision is the launch of Phantom across mobile platforms, starting with the release of our iOS app to the public today,” the team wrote on Monday. “With an Android launch also coming shortly, we couldn’t be more excited about the potential for mobile to empower a whole new set of users and use cases for Phantom.”Out of 12,280 crypto-assets in existence, solana (SOL) has managed to take the seventh largest position in terms of market capitalization.本年迄今为止, 溶胶现已取得了2,210%,但在上个月,其价值抵抗了美国美元的价值。尽管如此,SOL的308亿美元的商场估值占整个1.83万亿美元的加密经济的1.68%。索拉纳在今日的DECII中具有第六大TVL和NFT Sales的第二大数字。这个Storya16z,Andreessen Horowitz,Blockchain系列,本钱,本钱进步,财政,筹款,iOS使用,越过本钱,范式,幻影, Phantom钱包,系列B Fuldraee,Sol,Solana,Solana(Sol),Solana Ventures,Varana,VCS,Web3您怎么看待Phantom的1.09亿美元Fundraue?让我们知道您在下面的谈论部分中对此主题的观点。 Jamie Redman Jamie Redman是Bitcoin.com新闻和居住在佛罗里达州的金融技能记者的新闻。雷德曼自2011年以来一直是加密钱银社区的活跃成员。他对比特币,开源代码和涣散使用的热心。自2015年9月以来,雷德曼为今日呈现的破坏性议定书供给了超越5,000篇关于比特币新闻的文章。

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